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Tape Deck Mountain | 80/20 (Arms and Sleepers Remix)

Arms and Sleepers is the most reliably great electronic band I know of.  Everything they put out is amazing, to the point where I don’t understand how these guys aren’t huge.  I managed to track down their amazing remix of 80/20 by Tape Deck Mountain.  Listen and groove.  Then check out the rest of their work.  Please!


Radiohead | Nude (Bear Like Mouse Remix)

I’ve been on a big enough myself-kick lately, I figured I might as well slap the thigh and ride the wave in.  When Radiohead put out In Rainbows, I was always really impressed with the model by which they distributed [download, pay what you want (I paid $0.95 because I was pretty broke at the time)].  They further impressed me when it came time to marketing their singles.  Their video for my favorite track off of the album, All I Need, was a poignant-to-the-point-of-harrowing focus on child labor.  As for Nude, they broke up the song into its core components and sold each track on iTunes for $0.99 a pop.  Download them all and do with them what you please.  They didn’t destroy the integrity of the song and, in fact, structured it in such a way that it was easy to remix.  Now what do you have?  Thousands and thousands of musicians paying $5.00 for individual tracks to one song who get to fully embrace Radiohead in an artistically intimate way, and then turn right back around and promote the everloving shit out of the single.  Totes brill!

So back to me.

I took a pretty minimalist approach to this remix.  The band, Holy Fuck, was the most doted-on remixer of this particular single and they did a lot of really cool stuff that structurally altered the song (as one might expect from them).  I didn’t want to do that though.  I really wanted to pare it back, crank up the reverb, and try to exploit the blues-y-ness of the track as well as create a gauzy track of those gorgeous ethereal vocals, which only makes brief appearance in the original track.  It’s a much more luscious and saturated version of the song.  I also ditched the drum track and did my own thing.