pg.99 | Document #8 (again)

There was a time when “emo” was a legitimate genre, led by talented and poetic musicians.  And then something happened and it suddenly became the opposite of that.  Much in the same way, “screamo” (which was more of an adhoc name for the more chaotic, desperate, and emotionally charged punk sub-genre) started out to be really cool.  And then something bad happened again.  But back in the hayday, it was pure frenetic and vitriol-fueled mayhem. DC/Virginia was a hotbed for this sound.  pg.99, Majority Rule, City of Caterpillar, etc. along with bands like Orchid, Circle Takes the Square, Waifle really carved out a new niche in the well-worn genre.  And that was right when I was at my angst-iest.  In college I would drive all over, Louisville, Indianapolis, Chicago, Cleveland, to check out these bands.  At best, the venues were vacant storefronts in run-down strip malls.  At worst, the venue’s were in some dude’s living room in the sketch end of West Cleveland.

pg.99 is getting back together to play their classic album, Document #8 (all of their albums and EP’s were documents of some number) live for the first time in neigh a decade.  And NPR did an article on it.  I found THAT to be extremely strange.  But the more I thought about it, the stuff that pg.99 did was actually pretty out there and on the vanguard.  They never gained too much fame, but maybe that’s because they were so successfully ‘out there’.  Apparently this scene is making a resurgence.  Combined with my re-discovered adoration of black metal, it seems like there’s a weird trend happening.  The dirty, disgusting music I listened to in college is experiencing a renaissance.

Please learn more about these guys via this amazing article on NPR.

Listen to “The Hollowed Out Chest of a Dead Horse” from Document #8 by Pg.99


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