Wise Blood | B.I.G. E.G.O.

My buddy Evan and I were discussing our mutual crushes on Noelle Scaggs, the adorable girl from soul’s heir apparents, Fitz and the Tantrums. Evan was all, “speaking of cute black chicks…” and hooked me up with the video you see up above there.  We’re not totally sure what it has to do with anything.  Does “Coco” mean “Coco Chanel”?  It is in Paris after all, and that girl is certainly dressed the part.  Whatever it is, she’s adorable and the soundtrack is the electronic enigma, Wiseblood.

I know almost nothing (what am I good for?) about Wiseblood except that you can download their EP from Bandcamp and it’s fully worth the $5 bones.  That, and they need to release more stuff because if that video is any indication of where their sound is going, I want to go there too.

Check out Wiseblood on Bandcamp

Check out Evan’s objectively awesome music blog, Koala Klaws Radio.


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