Bear Like Mouse | Heartbeats (Feat. Lindsay Manfredi from Neon Love Life)

I did a cover of Heartbeats by The Knife (and then again by Jose Gonzales) about a year ago and just sat on it forever because I can’t sing this song.  “But you know who can,” I said to myself, “is the gorgeous and unflappable miss Lindsay Manfredi.  She would rock this AND I know she loves The Knife.”  So one night Lindsay and myself went into Queensize Studios with a big bottle of bourbon and rocked.  Listen for frequent Bear Like Mouse collaborator, Ben Sutton, and myself screaming at the end of the track.

You absolutely MUST check out Lindsay’s band, Neon Love Life.  They channel Kathleen Hannah and dump her in a boiling pot of high octane rock with a little punk sprinkled in the mix.  All those girls rock my socks and I’m so psyched to see them gaining so much success.

This track still desperately needs mastered.  IF YOU OR SOMEONE YOU KNOW WANTS TO DO THIS, I WILL PAY YOU IN CUPCAKES.


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