Audio | Marshall Headphones

I’ve not yet heard them myself, but as something of an audiophile I fully intend on seeking these out, if not purchasing them outright.  I recently switched from a $500 pair of Shure SE535Earbuds that sounded really full and vibrant, but after three years the cord shorted out.  Rather than get a replacement, I re-entered the audio market to see what was out.  One of the sets of cans I was most impressed with was the Monster Beats by Dr. Dre.  They had some lucious low end that made my liver quiver, but aesthetically they looked like I was some college kid spinning the new L’il Wayne single.  Plus, I don’t listen to too much bass-heavy hip hop.

When I saw these Marshall Overear headphones, I was super excited.  The notoriously loud and growling English amp producer is bringing the cans.  They look marvelous and have a thick frequency response range of 20 ~ 20kHz.  They’re only $99 bucks too.

(By the way, I went with a pair of Klipsch Image S4 earbuds to replace my Shures.  They also cost about $100.  The construction quality is pretty flimsy, but they sound amazing and have a relatively rugged metal case to protect their wimpy cords.  For about $400 less, they sound sonically comparable to the Shures.)


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