Design | The Boat Bath

Look at this tub.  Just look at it.  That is a tub that is inside of a boat, folks.  It is b-lowing my mind, and here’s why:  It’s very well designed in what I call the “miniature post-ark” style.  It’s a boat that gets filled with water, so that the area around the boat stays dry.  HOW  OPPOSITE DAY IS THAT SHIT?!  I mean, until I really looked at it, I wanted one of these in my house.

That is until I realized that those wood support beams on the floor (that I’m sure have a technical, nautical term of which I’m unaware- yeah, those things)- would be like little toe-magnets and my pigs would regularly get a good stubbin’.  Secondly, what’s up with mystery hose on the wall there?  Lastly, I don’t like boats.  So you may keep you boat bath.  Good day, sir!

Obviously, this was designed by a Dutch guy.

Via Style Files.

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