13 & God | Sure As Dept. of Dust Collectors

13 & God. They’re not so much a band as much as two bands smooshed together. The German Indie-Glitch-Jazz outfit, The Notwist, whose incestuous circle reaches all over Germany with Lali Puna and Ms. John Soda and over the Atlantic and into Oakland, CA where Themselves (Dose One and Jel) reside. Themselves, being two of nine parts of the band, Subtle, who’s one of our favorite favorites around here.

This song was performed live at MELT! Fest in Germany but has not been recorded, as of yet. However, according to two sources, they’re going into the studio as soon as either A. The Notwist finishes their album OR B. The Notwist finishes their tour. I’m assuming it’s the latter since their new album, “The Devil, You + Me” is done and they’re currently touring it.

Hopefully they get in there soon because a studio version of this song will be awesome.


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