Zach Hill | Dark Arts

Hella (the band) does little for me. Same with The Ladies (the band). I do think Team Sleep (the band) is pretty great though. Zach Hill is the drummer for all these bands (the band). And more. He’s got this way of playing drums that simultaneously makes sense and is completely arrhythmic. It’s like he’s a jazz drummer – you know you should like and understand it, so you say you do but really you don’t (which is the point of jazz- to make fun of people. Specifically white people.) He’s got one of the most unique percussive styles out there, which is why he’s such a hot drumming commodity. He’s one of the only drummers I can think of that can come out with a solo album and garner the reaction, “Oh… well, yeah, I guess that makes sense.”

Now he’s gone rogue! I mean SOLO (the band)! And he’s running around in corpse paint and awesome bracers. To fight goblins? To ravish goats? To burn down chruches? I dunno! Let’s find out together, shall we? I’m making blood milkshakes while you start to watch this synthy and drummy music video below.


One response

  1. whatever I totally get this. it’s piquant, duh.

    August 2, 2008 at 21:36

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