Tokyo Police Club + Aesop Rock + Yak Ballz | The Baskervilles

I don’t know if it’s how he pulls off those overly-clever lines, the rasp that makes it almost like you can hear the spit hitting the diaphragm of the mic, or that he’s the hip-hop equivalent to Dennis Miller, but we here at Bear Like Blog love us some Aesop Rock. Also Tokyo Police Club (I actually did an interview with them at SXSW this year). And then, using space age technology and good ole time voodoo, all these things got smooshed together by Amplive.

I would never have thought I’d hear Aes Rizzle rhyming on top of a Tokyo Police Club, but it works really well. The dirty, achy bassline present in every one of TPC’s songs is the perfect sediment for Aesop Rock to build on.

Give this a spin, it’s a really good track.

You can download it from Amplive’s Myspace profile.


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