Don the Reader | And As the Faucet Floods

I can’t remember the last time I heard a truly good band from Los Angeles. San Diego; maybe; but even then there’s gotta be something about the weather that prevents heavy music from excelling in that region. Case-in-point: where do most great heavy bands come from? Scandanavia and North-Eastern US- where it’s cold and bleak most of the time. That seasonal affectation does wonders for bands- which is why LA might be great for punk bands, but rarely any extreme bands.

But then there’s Don the Reader. An LA-based band that started out with a grind mentality, trying to deliberately draw from The Locust and The Dillinger Escape Plan but has since elevated themselves into a pretty unique sound from the genre. Punishing and technical song writing, slightly reminiscent of Botch and Converge – an unabashedly early oughts/late nineties sound pushed further to legitimately hold their own against a well perfected genre. Their debut eponymous EP, which you can download below gratis Don the Reader, is a straight-down-your-throat attempt at trying to make their own versions of familiar hardcore standards. It’s absolutely forceful, very well recorded, and with only a smidgen of pretension.

However, it’s what they’ve been doing after that EP that has put them in nearly constant rotation for me. Their Myspace page contains two rough mixes of new songs, “ConSciolist” and “Makeshift Splendor” that are fucking wonderful testaments of the post-pubescent breakthrough for an extremely promising hardcore band. Finding their stride in odd-time signatures, remembering to make room for stomping, dissonant breakdowns that yield to ethereal, post-rock meditations. To be certain, this is absolutely not a hardcore band trying to jam Explosions in the Sky into their song as is so often done these days. There is no focus on a climax here- it’s a numbing and concentrated trek away from the blistering riffs and into someplace simultaneously beautiful and awful. Echoing guitars collide with each other in the reverb, over a monologue from the 1976 movie, Network, creating something blissful.

Don the Reader is a gem. They’re one of those moments that made me wish I had my own record label, so I could extol, if not force upon everyone, just how fucking good this band is.

Go to their Myspace page and listen to what I’m talking about.

LISTN | And As the Faucet Floods

DOWNLOAD | Don the Reader EP


One response

  1. D.T.R. is on there way.great description.although L.A. is warm, it’s the cold dank areas D.T.R. co-exists in,that brews the raw energy they bring to the people that scratch their way to top of the musical chain to hear.

    October 31, 2008 at 00:27

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