Deep Sex Space | XXXTrek

WHOA… This is simultaneously hilarious and ridiculously hilarious. Porn Comixxx just created XXXTrek, a porn/comic spoof of Star Trek. It’s like a hideous car wreck involving the USS Enterprise (I believe in the book it’s the USS Intercourse), a bad Green Lantern comic, and [insert your favorite 70’s skin flick here]. The USS Intercourse gets sucked into a masive black hole/space vagina.

Seeing a guy in a trekkie uniform screwing an alien with silver hair with the word “REAM!” covering up the unmentionables gives me a tickle in my tummy. Not like the “when we used the climb the rope in gym class” tickle though- although I haven’t read it. You should probably buy it for me.

Check out the cast of characters:
• Captain James Quirk
• Dr. Boner McJoy
• Ensign Jack-Off
• Female Alien Illusion
• Green Skinned Woman
• Lt. Uwhora
• Mr. Screw-yu
• Mr. Sperm
• Nurse Chapstick
• Squatty
• Yeoman Gland


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