Juiceboxxx | Drowned Amp

This post was sitting in my drafts box for, like, a grip. Check this picture out. I took this at the iheartcomix party in Austin at SXSW. This was actually a really shitty party because they only had two bartenders for a thousand people cool party, held in a massive parking structure. The top level was the VIP area and had two pools. During the Juiceboxxx set an amp ended up in one of the pools. Then a few hours later, Juiceboxxx jumped into the pool, pulled this amp out, and smashed it on the ground. I guess you had to be there, but it was pure rock and roll. This picture was taken literally miliseconds before they cannonballed in and got me wet and muffed up my camera.

Also, LISTN to some Juiceboxxx.

LISTN | Sweat (XXXchange Mix)

LISTN | Do U Want 2 Hear It


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