Ladytron | Velocifero

Whereas previous Ladytron records focused on more steady cadency and reoccurring vocal patterns, Velocifero (meaning Bringer of Speed) demonstrates more confident shifts in rhythm and tone. A more intense and urgent sound, akin to mid-90s Depeche Mode, emerges on their new record- like there is something to ve conveyed.

“It can be good to have a chip on your shoulder when you’re making music, it is an energy for some”, Daniel admits, “but that doesn’t need to manifest itself in an emotional way. It’s like putting down “Black Cat” as the first track. It’s setting the scene for the rest of the album. It’s a statement of intent.”

That first track, “Black Cat,” is sung in Mira’s native Bulgarian tongue – not the only track not in English. The girls do sound like they’ve explored their voices a little more- but not in some awesome lesbian vocal way, but in that there’s a little more touch-and-go with the vox.

Velocifero is nonetheless a solid effort- It’s slated for release in the US and Europe May 30th so keep your eyes peeled.


DWNLD | Black Cat


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