Cult of Luna | Dim

You know what? This blog has been way too wimpy way too long. Growing up I was fortunate enough to have a wide variety of music to listen to. My first two albums that I ever purchased with my allowance were:

Paula Abdul- Forever Your Girl
Slayer – Reign in Blood
I can get down to a dancey tune, chill out to a little spacey post-rock, hell, I’ll even listen to some feminist bitch over her acoustic guitar from time to time. But when it comes down to it, I’m never not in the mood for something that’s way too loud.

Sweden’s Cult of Luna do that so well, dude, so so well. Emerging from a similar vein as Isis and Neurosis and Godflesh, these guys have, in my opinion, got massive-sounding, low-end, sludgey metal down to a science. I know, I know, get seven well-dressed, good looking Swedish boys, give them a shitton of amps and guitars and synthesizers and try not to get a good band. This is one of the most well-recorded and immense-sounding records I own.

This song, “Dim,” is off their latest (though not necessarily new) album, Somewhere Along the Highway, which also features one of my most-scrobbled tracks ever– “Dark City, Dead Man.”

CoL just announced the completion of their new album, “The Eternal Kingdom”, this morning. Supposedly a “much heavier and darker affair than previous albums.” Kind of scary considering that I don’t know that they can get much heavier. Darker, sure, but who can’t sink a little deeper. I’ll keep you posted on this because I’m really excited about it.





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