Solid Gold | Bible Thumper

How many of you remember THIS show? Absolutely phenomenal. The way their bodies writhe and sommersault about, imposed upon Top 40 80’s hits that were never meant to be danced (let alone coreographed) to. It really is solid effing gold.

In much the same way (but without any self-referential irony) the Minneapolis band, Solid Gold, conducts the same kind of “should I dance? Yeah… I probably should” magic. This band is pretty much one well-thrown party away from blowing up. Throbbing basslines, sugary synths, and dark-stroke-soothing vocals wash all about like a bleary underwater disco. Read: you can move all you want, but ultimately you move where the ocean wants you to.

Go listen to the below song. The get your PayPal UserID ready (and/or pray they get a distribution deal) and buy the album. Dudes, you know you can put this on iTunes you know!?)

LISTN | Bible Thumper


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