Drop Dead, Gorgeous | They’ll Never Get Me (Word With You)

I like bands from Colorado. I know there’s plenty of jam bands that your pot-head younger brother really likes that come out of Colorado, but there must be something in the thin mountain air that makes the good bands better. So this offering from Saylor Lake, CO, is called Drop Dead, Gorgeous. See how that comma makes the name kind of a double-entendre? Yep. It does.

These guys have that high-energy pissed-off-about-girls sound that the kids love. It’s as frenetic as it is chuggy (as in guitars going chug-chug) which means the fashionista kids that listen to Blood Brothers can get down next to the always present sweaty shirtless guy at the show.

Anyway, it’s a good change from the wimpy rock (not to mention dance music) I’ve been putting on here lately. Check them out now because pretty soon they’ll be too big to be cool. It’s hella difficult to maintain the coolness of this sound.

LISTN | http://www.odeo.com/flash/audio_player_standard_gray.swf

DOWNLOAD | They’ll Never Get Me (Word With You)


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