George Washington

This little gem right here, boys and girls, is a little diddy called “George Washington” by a coupla guys named Cox & Combes. I looked for it on the YouTubes the other day only to discover that it has been yanked off of the Interweb. I’m assuming the reason for it was because these guys have their own show on Adult Swim now called The Professor Brothers. So that would mean that I’m illegally posting this video which violates Bloggers’ terms of service and that Cartoon Network will probably sue me soon. So if they want to sue me for being cool and uploading entertaining materials which I hope will make them even more money, then go for it. Be a dick, Cartoon Network (and more appropriately Turner Networks), see if I care.


One response

  1. KJFjkh.Do you have any idea where to download this damn video? Because I’ve been looking for it for like an hour and it’s useless. |:I’m only asking you since you illegally have it in your blog. It’s worth a shot.

    November 26, 2008 at 19:51

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