Justice vs. Simian | We Are Your Friends

My good friend, Ida, turned me on to this song. Super dancey and easy to sing along to because there are only 13 words in the song. The continuous rejoinder, “Because we are your friends, you’ll never be alone again, well come on” is a punky mantra that folds into the beat. Just as cool as the song is the video, which must have taken a lot of engineering and a minimal (probably just one) take per scene. It reminds me of a really complicated and well done version of the kind of things my friends and I used to do. (I once woke up duct taped to a couch that was propped up so I was staring out the window of my friend’s eighth storey house in Chicago..but that was the extent of the trauma.)

So watch the video below, and then download the song.

LISTN | We Are Your Friends


DOWNLOAD | We Are Your Friends



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