Julie London : **** yes.

Tonight I discovered, by means that were funny but too convoluted and long to retell. So this is your chance to make up in your head the hilarious means by which I discovered the lovely vocal stylings of Julie London. Hint: I may have been looking for audio samples of particular types of glass bottles crashing.

Oddly enough, that’s how I found out about this chick. And I think the reason that search led to her is that her voice is the exact opposite of how broken glass sounds. She’s good in that kind of way a really good white-girl singer is good. She doesn’t try too hard and gets away with it on attitude. Her voice is simultaneously sultry while very protestant.

So to make up for the large amount of loud music that’s been on this blog in the last few weeks, kick back with a high-ball and listen to some Julie London.

(I have no hope that I will ever reach readers that can go from esoteric sludge-core metal to esoteric 1940s singer-cum-actresses.)

DOWNLOAD | The End of the World


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