A Place to Bury Strangers @ Locals Only

See this thing on the left here? That’s a guitar effect pedal. Unlike other effect pedals that modulate the audio signal between a guitar and its amp, this one interacts with all the other pedals in a signal chain and gives it its name, “Total Sonic Annihilation”.

It is awesome.

This pedal and a buffet of other eccentric, hand-wired, boutique stompboxes are made my a company called Death by Audio, a name shared by a venue, studio, and collective; all of which are owned by Oliver Ackerman, front-man and schizophrenic guitar noise diva from A Place to Bury Strangers. A three-piece from Brooklyn that is loud, without punctuation, and very much a modified signal driven force. They sound kind of like a horrible interstate pile-up composed of the tour buses of Joy Division, My Bloody Valentine, and Ministry (before they could afford the good drugs).

I intentionally positioned myself right in front of Ackerman so I could get a close eye of how his personally custom-made pedals are arranged, how his Fender Jaguar was set, and what kind of tricks were going to happen between there and his Twin Reverb stack. And I can’t tell you. For no other reason than I had no idea what any of his pedals did! Or maybe they all just made the obfuscating, nearly-white noise oscillate and buzz in different variations.

From the moment they started there was an unrelenting pulse coming from the kick drum and thick, piercing, fuzzed-up guitar and bass distortion. The light show was probably the most defined part of the set, but I was still impressed at the tonal integrity they were able to pull off under the blistering amps. Ackerman’s dreary, rainy-day vocals creepily worked their way into the mix, creating a flush shoegazing sound in close fidelity to the studio recordings.

The set was great- “To Fix the Gash in Your Head” was my favorite part of the set, followed by the string breaking, footswitch pounding, knob tweaking cacophony one would expect at the end of such a manipulated set.

ALSO: I took all these pics. 🙂

DOWNLOAD | To Fix the Gash in Your Head

SEE MORE PHOTOS | A Place to Bury Strangers on my Flickr


4 responses

  1. Hey is that a standard Jaguar or one of those schmancy baritone Jaguars / Bass VI’s? Currently downloading s/t album.

    July 18, 2008 at 13:14

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