bearlikemouse | Definite Hemography

I own and operated (or at least one of those) this blog. So I get to choose the song of the day. It’s a positively delightful experience to wield this much power. I have absolutely no readership and even if I did, the things I say are probably not convincing enough to sway anyone anyway. And for that reason, I present to you (two) today’s download from a little band called bearlikemouse.

What the hell is a bearlikemouse? Bearlikemouse is an abbreviation of The Bear That Looked More Like a Mouse which was a character in a story (novel) I wrote in college. It’s actually way better than it sounds. Anyway, the name quickly became bearlikemouse which I found was really sticky. So much so that it, like, stuck.

What else is a bearlikemouse? It started out about 4 years ago when I first started learning how to record music. I would sit in my basement with a (at that time) four-track cassette recorder and tape a really horrible microphone to my amp and record a cheesy Casio drum beat for rhythm. Time passed, I started receiving a pay check, and more and more money was dumped into music gear. My good friend Ben Sutton with whom I played in a shitty rock band called Sidereal started helping all the time. Then I realized he was better at guitar than I was and had more patience for editing tracks than I do. So it was informally agreed upon that he, too, is bearlikemouse.

Things have come a long way since I was 21, drinking crappy beer, and plugging a distortion pedal into the loop of my tiny travel amp. I have way bigger, more expensive amps, have gone digital with recording, and have microphones that were obscenely expensive. Not to mention a pedal board that has more stops than an inner-city bus.

The below track, Definite Hemography, is probably the best song to date. Ben and I made a trip down to his lake house with our trunks and backseats full of musical gear. Picked up a bottle of Jack and set up for a weekend of recording in a tiny house, in the middle of the snow-covered woods.

GO TO | Definite Hemography


2 responses

  1. You have at least one reader.

    February 8, 2008 at 06:22

  2. two! love love love.

    February 15, 2008 at 19:50

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