BearLikeMouse Mashup Dance Party!!!

I remember once my mom told me some bogus fact that she learned when she was younger that, at some point in time, people would run out of music. (I know, right?!) I don’t know how she bought into that- probably something to do with the Red scare. But I bought it for a while too because I was, like, eight years old. Eek! However, since then I’ve dismissed that fear and was doubly reassured when I stumbled into Music Mashups AKA BastardPop, Bootie (as in bootleg), etc. Even if we did run out of new music, we’d have enough remix possibility to last us for a good, long time.

Now, Everyone Lotsa people know and (love / are annoyed by) Girl Talk. The dude can take a kabillion tracks and make them fit together which is pretty badass. However, my disdain for a lot of contemporary top 40 means that a lot of the impact is lost on me. Mashup culture is unfortunately a lot bigger in Europe… probably has something to do with the fact that they’ve got a much better club culture (with generally better dance tunes).

Best thing of all, as these become more popular, more and more resources are popping up to help people make their own mashups. Things like the Björk Remix Archive, social network JamGlue, the new version of Cubase, and the fact that most of these remixers don’t give two damns for copyright law are helping promote these awesome mixes.

These are my mashup picks that are guaranteed to get the party started. And if they don’t, you owe me $5. And may I recommend you download the Marvin Gaye / Album Leaf mashup. It’s possibly the best mashup I’ve ever heard. (Also, if you’re new to computers right-click, save link as to download it to your computer.)

Björk vs. The Cure – A Hidden Forest | DOWNLOAD

Depeche Mode vs. Planetakis – Enjoy the Message | DOWNLOAD

Ike Turner vs. Tina Turner vs. Prodigy – Smack My Bitch’s Tweeter Up | DOWNLOAD

Marvin Gaye & Mary Wells vs. The Album Leaf vs. The Carpenters | DOWNLOAD

The Killers vs. Amy Winehouse – Mr. Rehabside | DOWNLOAD

Bauhaus vs. Devo vs. Beck – Lugosi’s Mongoloid Loser | DOWNLOAD

Best of Bootie 2007 – Huuuuge Compilation | DOWNLOAD TORRENT


3 responses

  1. Depeche Mode vs. Planetakis is the winner – nice!Kristian

    February 5, 2008 at 03:34

  2. Definitely. Though, anything with Depeche Mode usually wins everything. Period. Thanks for stopping by, Kristian!

    February 5, 2008 at 20:52

  3. Wait B… how do they do this??? I’m having trouble downloading.

    February 15, 2008 at 19:53

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