Tokyo in High Dynamic Range

For the love of everything amazing in this world, someone please buy me an HDR camera…

I’ve been at the Sundance Film Festival for the past few days. Sound glamorous. Is not. I’m here promoting the national launch of my company, ChaCha’s, new text service. It’s actually fairly useful and I would urge you to try it if I didn’t already know that everyone that reads my blog already has or has helped develop it.

Anyway, I’m holed up in a condo in Park City, UT for 16 hours a day aggregating content, buzz, and communicating with our Guides to help provide good answers. Super tedious, hair-pull-outting work that’s slowly driving me insane. For instance, imagine if in The Shining, rather than being snowed it Jack slowly went crazy while there were celebrities, parties, phenomenal skiing, and half alcohol content beer outside. It’s almost unnecessarily evil.

What am I getting at here… OH. It’s the weirdest thing but I’ve been almost literally addicted to every one of my social networks. I NEVER check my Myspace but I have my Firefox ReloadEvery refreshing the page every minute. Facebook: check. Check. Twitter: Check. Smaller Indiana: Check Flickr: Double Chickity-Check. Which brings me to my point…

I’ve recently become obsessed with HDR photos. They’re almost invariably stunning. And both of you already know how crazy-go-nuts I am for Japan.

Well check this out, San Diego: Incredibly beautiful HDR photos of Japan. They’re so freaking awesome that I may actually go blind.

Click that beautiful picture for the Flickr SERP for +HDR + Tokyo.


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