The Twilight Singers Are Your Baby Daddy

Why didn’t anyone tell me about these guys? Greg Dulli, the guy on the left: you know, the chock-full-of-innuendo chanteur for The Afghan Whigs (who are, in my estimation, one of the best pop/rock bands of my generation) started this band up. And so far in the 5 tracks I’ve listened to do a good job of picking up where the Whigs left off. There’s a little more rock where there was formerly more of a coked-up motown groove. Don’t get me wrong, they’ve still got a lot of that R&B soul- especially for a white dude – but I imagine you’d see a higher ratio heads banging than hips swaying at a Twilight Singers show vs. an Afghan Whigs show.

Straight-forward, no bullshit rock for the sake of sex, drugs, and rock and roll (emphasis on the sex).

Download “There’s Been an Accident” by The Twilight Singers.
Download “Fat City” by The Twilight Singers.


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