Envy Envy

I used to have two consecutive classes in the same room in college. There was an hour between the classes and I would take this time to crack open my mac and stream whatever Pitchfork was playing at the time. Usually (and I may be a philistine for saying this) Pitchfork’s playlists are invariably uneventful, droll indie rock that is indistinguishable within the genre. Luckily, this set stage to make mid-drowse exceptions exceptionally exceptional.

Envy came on. This song came on. I didn’t understand a word they were saying (come to find out it’s because it was in Japanese)but the stark contrast between Guitars overdriven to the risk of melting tubes and quiet, compressed picking against a vocalist whose only settings are “Spoken Word” and “Crush/Rend” woke me up in a way that I imagine someone coming out of a coma would- simultaneous reassuring warmth and startling realism – this ended up being my takeaway from, A Dead Sinking Story.

After taking the time (not to mention the trips to Amoeba Records in San Francisco) to find their previous releases and complete the catalogue they became my favorite contemporary rock band. This band leaks seethes passion, endless emotion, and enough swelling motion and tidal explosion to make Neptune blush.

I ordered their new EP as well as reissues of all their previous work (ON VINYL!) for Christmas. I’ve also got a Mono DVD coming as well. Reviews on this later… like, after christmas.

If you’re not too old for loud music, download the below now.

+Envy: A Warm Room
+Envy: Distress of Ignorance

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