Tim Burton vs. Lewis Carroll

Tim Burton has signed on to direct one of my favorite books into a movie. I greatly respect and admire Burton from his books, cartoons, and movies. The major exception being Charlie and the Chocolate factory, of which I was not particularly fond. That’s worrisome to me because he’s signed on to direct Alice in Wonderland (a 3D version, no less) which seems almost untouchable by anyone.

The way I see it, there can never be one definitive rendition of Alice in Wonderland- only artistic iterations of it (See Here). And while it was great to see Kate Beckinsale play the part, it was only an ‘okay’ interpretation of it. No one, not even Disney’s original can come close to capturing the surreality and complexity of the book for the simple reason that the part of the books raison d’être was an exercise in testing the flexibility and bastardization of the English language.

“The stories are like drugs for children, you know?” Burton said. “It’s like, ‘Whoa, man.’ The imagery, they’ve never quite nailed making it compelling as a full story. So I think it’s an interesting challenge to direct.”

Make it happen, dude. Because Charlie and the Chocolate factory was more like an uncomfortable date at the Ikea store.


2 responses

  1. Tim Burton has yet to fail in any of his creations, and I think he will do a fabulous job revamping one of my alltime favorite stories, furthur more Burton’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory held true to the original book far better than its predessor Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Facotory, which by the way Ronald Dahl HATED!!!! i have the uptmost faith in Tim he has yet to fail me to this day…

    April 14, 2008 at 22:17

  2. Aaaaaaaaaaah, Alice is here! I am in urgent need to read for the role of Alice in Tim Burton’s upcoming production of Alice in Wonderland. I am the British unknown social misfit he is looking for but he is a hard man to track down. alice4burton on You Tube shows an extract and Alice in wonderland on myspace has my information and clip. If you have any power please help me as I am running out of time! white rabbit white rabbit, I cant afford to be late on this one!

    May 5, 2008 at 22:56

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