Kataude Mashin Gâru

Japan gets it right again. I don’t know what’s up with American cinema that causes them to either be constipated by the undigested regurgitation of every other movie ever, but I’m glad that Japan is okay with getting creative. Not that this doesn’t have similar elements to Army of Darkness and that Grindhouse movie I didn’t want to see. And not that the idea of revenge isn’t as familiar as forbidden love or hyperpatriotism (which are the only premises on which an action film can be built, mind you). But that they won’t pull any punches while doing it and will commit to film for perpetuity the image of a woman with a drill bra hugging another girl while blood and sinew spray festively about as ninjas and yakuza draw still more blood. Thanks for not taking yourself too serious and, at the same time, taking it way too far, Japan. The world is totally sweet now, thanks to you. Boosh!


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