Kareem Abdul Babar

I will be exhuming and repurposing old fodder henceforth and forthwith.

I used to be an amazingly prolific blogger. Insane, stream-of-consciousness, akin to the ramblings of a homeless person… maybe these are accurate statements regarding my old blog. However, they were extremely eloquent and ironic while making no concessions whatsoever in the way of expletives, faux-pas, and non-political-correctitude. I was reading back through it for the first time in nearly a year today and I was really happy with what I wrote and, more importantly, the thoughts I thought while composing those posts.

For that reason, I will be starting to move content I wrote years ago over here for perpetuity. I will also risk possible awkward situations with any future employers that may look at me differently after they’ve peeked in my head.

Future employer: I’m a creative writer more than I am a techie-geekie-columnist that writes a respectable blog that will land me a cool job. In the words of so many sons to disappointed mothers, “I do work I’m proud of!” Don’t hate.

From here on out in it will be nothing but randomness and music and gadgetry that makes no capitalizing commentary.

It’s all in the mix.


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