Totally Balls-Out Marketing Campaign

Recently, I’ve noticed a lot of ads for Buckley’s Cold Remedy that have really caught my attention. There’s a whole series of them where a blind taste tester compares the taste of the liquid sniffle and cough medicine to things like; Public Restroom Puddle, Trash Bag Leakage, Snail Trail Accumluation, and Used Mouthwash.


But it works! (The message, that is, I haven’t tried the syrup). It’s unexpected, it turns you on your ear, and people are used to medicine tasting like medicine. Why not make it taste horrible and place all the emphasis on the fact that it works. It actually reminds me a lot of the marketing tactics from Made to Stick. Obviously I’m writing about it right now, so kudos to the marketing director of Buckley’s.

They’re even taking their gross-factor campaign viral on their Myspace page, offering a prize to whomever can best showcase the disgustingness of Buckley’s.

I’m going to go get really sick so I can see how well this works now.


One response

  1. You taste like used mouthwash.

    November 25, 2007 at 21:19

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