Songbird 0.3

Check out Songbird! It’s a new media player built on Mozilla with an integrated browser. And by integrated browser I don’t mean that it’s got Firefox embedded in the pane, but is actually a very well articulated browser made primarily for the social aspects of music and for searching and downloading MP3s. It even appears they’re going to include things like “most downloaded” right into the main pane as well.

I feel like saying that this thing is two version updates away from pushing iTunes out of my dock, but that’s probably not fair since they’re not even at a 1.0. The main thing it’s missing, of course, is the iTunes Store. I’m also curious as to whether or not it will support the iPhone. Then there are the tiny details. For example, I really enjoy seeing the cover art in the bottom left corner of my iTunes player. Also, no MP3 conversion ability. I’ve got a love/hate relationship with OggVorbis files and I’d love for this to quell the hate.

There are several things Songbird already has going for it. But rather than list them, I’ll just say “API”. Anything you can imagine to make it better is there for you. Go rock that *@&! and make it better because I think it’s prettier and almost cooler than iTunes and I look forward to looking at it more.

Oh, and they have really cool offices.


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